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What is AfroCannes

Launched in 2022, AfroCannes is an event organized by Yanibes during the Cannes Film Festival in May in Cannes, France. 

AfroCannes is a two-day event featuring panel discussions, country highlights, presentations, screenings, cocktails and tributes.


AfroCannes aims at promoting diversity, inclusion in film across the industry. AfroCannes connects creatives, businesses and stakeholders from the entire film ecosystem at the world premiere film gathering; The Cannes Film Festival. 


Volume III of AfroCannes will be held during the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes. 



In 2022, AfroCannes was held at the Hotel Gray d'Albion.



16 and 17 May 2024



From 11.00 AM to 7..00 PM 


Hip Hop Culture in Film 



Aided by insightful presentations, thought-provoking speeches, experiential case-studies and workshops, enticing screening and entertaining networking events, AfroCannes will be once again, a one of a kind experience. 

AfroCannes features include: 

  • panel discussions (cross industry profiles and topics) 

  • country highlights (from Film Commissions) 

  • special spotlights (for Upcoming filmmakers) 

  • short presentations 

  • tributes (to fallen heroes and heroines)

  • awards and honorees 

  • screenings (up to 5) 

  • cocktail and luncheons 

  • parties with performance 


In 2024, AfroCannes will continue to focus on inclusion and diversity benefiting filmmakers, including filmmakers with disabilities. AfroCannes centers around natives of Africa,  diasporan Africans, Afro-descendents and filmmakers of all walk of life, creeds and abilities. 


AfroCannes aims at:

  • creating a new narrative in storytelling 

  • highlighting the benefits of presenting diverse and inclusive point of views in film and content creation 

  • hearing thought provoking perspective from experts 

  • discussing thorny issues plaguing creatives and practitioners

  • putting the spotlight on up-and-coming filmmakers

  • enhancing the visibility of under-explored or undiscovered filming locations 

  • providing a platform to the voiceless, the invisibles, the untouchables, the neglected and the forgotten of the film industry 

  • bolstering connections between creatives, financiers, producers, film practitioners of African descent and the global film industry 

  • offering a unique opportunity for undiscovered talents to experience the glitz and glamour of the most prestigious film festival in the world 


AfroCannes Gallery

What They're Saying

Everything I expected, and more

Steven Adams, Co-Founder, Alta Global Media, USA

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